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Chili Macaroni 6 pack

Our Products: Food Storage > Wise Food Storage > Gourmet Camping/Outdoor Meals
Chili Macaroni 6 pack
Chili Macaroni 6 pack
SKU: 22004
Case of 6 each.

Two 10 ounce serving cook in the pouch chili macaroni entree. Just add hot water and wait 12 minutes.

Weight ea: 6 ounces More details...
List Price: $42.00
Price: $37.99
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Product Details

Jumbo Meal

More food per pouch; which means more energy when you need it! Because we provide more product per pouch there is naturally more calorie content and nutrition available for you. On average each pouch contains 600 calories.


Great Taste

Wise's variety of Outdoor entrees are not only hearty and nutritious, but also so, so delicious! Create by professional chefs to ensure that both outdoor enthusiasts and families will love them. Through extensive evaluation, research and testing, both freeze-dried and dehydrated products are combined together for optimal taste, texture and nutritional value. Expensive ingredients such as peas, carrots and other vegetables are generally freeze-dried. Other ingredients like noodles and onions actually taste better when dehydrated.


Extended Shelf-Life

Wise Outdoor Meals contain freshness guarantee of 7 years.


Easy to Prepare Outdoor Meals

Preparing your meal is easy and quick. Just add water directly into the pouch and wait 12 to 15 minutes for a hearty, tasty and nutritious meal when you need it most.


Made in the USA

All food ingredients are produced in the United States of America.

Click here for nutritional information.

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