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  • Trying to Burn the House Down

    When’s the last time you forgot about something cooking on the stove?  It happened to me just the other night.  I was expecting my husband home for dinner soon and was reheating some chicken tenderloins (from the night before) on the stove.   I’m not sure why I had the heat up so high, but […]

  • My Review of the NEW Harvest Mill

    My Review of the NEW Harvest Mill

    Just last fall, NutriMill introduced their newest edition, a beautiful electric grain mill called the Harvest Mill.  I brought one home to use several weeks ago.  I’ve owned a NutriMill (what they now call the Classic) for around 10 years and have been very satisfied with the quantity and quality of flour it mills.  However, […]

  • Of Homemade Tortillas and Chicken Fajitas

    Of Homemade Tortillas and Chicken Fajitas

        My family considers homemade tortillas a real treat!  After numerous attempts at making round flour tortillas (I could make every shape but round!), we finally invested in an electric tortilla/flatbread maker.  With the simple, inexpensive ingredients that comprise tortillas, I’m sure we’ve more than made up the original price of the tortilla maker […]