I had a bit of a personal challenge this morning. I said to myself, "If I can make pretty darn tasty bread, then I should be able to make crackers!" So here is my morning journey..

Seasonal Veggies

At this time of year, I don’t really like to cook. It’s hot, that makes me tired and I just don’t have the energy. Truthfully I’m not that hungry anyway. Chef extraordinaire Dava Parr, owner of Fresh and Wyld Farmhouse Inn and Gardens, here in Paonia, offers simple tips to make those

Lessons from the Beehive

I am fast entering into my 5th year of homeschooling 3 incredible kids! Our journey with their triplet pregnancy, birth and life has taken us on a God given Vision of teaching them! I love it! I think I learn more the second time around. I jokingly refer to this year as my second term in 4th grade. What do you all want to study this coming year?


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From Our Kitchen


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