Tribute to Mom

The Urban Homemaker is epitomized in my own mother.  I took it for granted, as a child, and foolishly thought most homes were like mine, with a mother who cooked supper every night, baked the best cookies and cinnamon rolls, and actually said she liked doing laundry and ironing!  I did wonder at times why […]

Making Playdough At Home – A Recipe For FUN!

  Although my own children have outgrown this activity, we still get to enjoy it now and then when entertaining other young ones!  It never fails to bring smiles, and is a safe, economical remedy for those “winter doldrums”! This recipe, which I’ve had for years, is easily made, with simple ingredients you have in […]

Lessons from the Beehive- An Urban Homemaker’s Review

I am fast entering into my 5th year of homeschooling 3 incredible kids! Our journey with their triplet pregnancy, birth and life has taken us on a God given Vision of teachin’ them! I love it! I think I learn more the second time around. I jokingly refer to this year as my second term […]

Urban Homemaker ~ How are you Managing?

I will be the first to admit that I am over stretched in what I do and accomplish in a day. Yes, I do plenty that is good and right, but what I want is where my Lord wants me to be.  Over the last several weeks I have heard the same things that are […]

Whole Grain Crackers… Garlic too!

I had a bit of a personal challenge this morning.  I said to myself, “If I can make pretty darn tasty bread, then I should be able to make crackers!” So here is my morning journey… I started with this Wheat Cracker recipe from and made my changes: Plain Whole Grain Crackers: 1 3/4 […]

Plastic Eggs, Little Kids and an Object Lesson

I came up with this idea with a little help after hiding little plastic eggs in our backyard Saturday night while the house was sleeping. It has never been warm or dry enough to do a little hunt in years past and since my “Littles” are getting older, I wanted them to have this experience. […]

An Urban Homemaker’s Breakfast: Part II

One of my homemaking goals is to use what I have and enjoy the process of finding the recipes which are now becoming traditions.  Breakfast is also a favorite mealtime and I have recipes that I am asked to share over and over again. These items may use a same basic ingredient at times, but when […]

An Urban Homemaker’s Breakfast

  May I be completely honest? I am burned out with the same old, same old breakfast items and due to the fact that I own a plethora of whole grains I might as well move beyond baked goods and stretch the proverbial wings.  So here is my creativity for 2 breakfast options for the […]

Pumpkin Spiced Latte: for Free!

I have figured out the best way to keep my house picked up and to have the occasional “Pumpkin Spiced Latte”- for free! A friend just emailed out that the wonderful fall spiced latte is back in town!   Well then, I must explain, so you, Ms Urban Homemaker, may enjoy one too! The Jar: […]

Potato Tradition

Every 2nd week of a new school year we find ourselves mourning the almost gone summer months. Every 2nd week of a new school year it is time to break the mold and HARVEST POTATOES! I love harvesting potatoes and you know my kids do too. Their motivation and attitude quickly changes and we find […]