Solar Cooking Tips from a Pro

Written by Marilyn My friends Tara Miller and Sam Brown have compiled numerous practical tips including a Five-Day Kitchen Diary to make cooking in the Global Sun Oven successful and fun.  Sun Ovens are the perfect way to keep a kitchen cool while reducing energy consumption during the hottest days of summer. Ed Note: They […]

Going Solar: Cooking for FREE

When I tell people that I purchased a solar oven they look at me funny, like they don’t get it. It’s almost as if they wonder how you plug it in. Or how do you get the sun to come into your kitchen where the oven is? YEP- I was asked this and once I explained […]

Coconut Oil is Queen Among Saturated Fats

Since I have had several inquiries, recently, I wanted to explain how I use coconut oil, the benefits of using coconut oil in everyday cooking and baking, and a few reader testimonials. I first discovered that Coconut Oil is a healthy fat about five years ago when I read Eat Fat Lose Fat by Sally […]

Local Foods to Local Markets

Do you LOVE Farmer’s Markets and participate in your local market as a producer or a consumer? Today I want to talk about ways you can help promote and support your local agricultural economy especially in Colorado.  If passed, Colorado would join nearly 20 other states (plus 5 pending!) who already support cottage industry food […]

Making Bone Broth Video Demonstration

  Today I’m going to talk about the time-tested process of making bone broths in your  kitchen to restore your health. Today’s busy lifestyles, wide use of antibiotics and nutrient deficient foods have pre-disposed many children and young adults to unhealthy gut health resulting in sinus problems, gluten intolerance, chronic fatigue, arthritis,  allergies, and other […]

Discover Waterless Cookware

      I have had this 17 piece set of waterless cookware for nearly 10 years and only burned something once!  I love the vapor-lock lid system which insures fast and healthy food without nutrient loss, how easy these pans are to clean, and most importantly, the 304 Surgical stainless steel  is non-reactive with […]

How do I salvage buggy grain?

  Have you ever experienced the sinking feeling of opening a bag of grain to bug invested grain? It’s a bit of a sinking feeling.  But here are the tried and true remedies to save the grain! A customer writes: ” I just opened the bag & found many many little black bugs roaming about […]

Give Away: Magnet Ball and Ultra Power Plus Combo

          Give Away:  Magnet Ball and Ultra Power Plus Combo – $64.98 Retail Value is now closed. The winner is  entry #3:  Janet Van der Kooi.  Janet please contact me at to claim your prize. The Magnet Ball softens hard water without the use of any chemicals or other consumable […]

Monday Morning Mix

Happy Valentine’s Day to you All.  I wanted to remind you that today is the last day of the Wondermill and Wondermill Junior old pricing.   I also wanted you to have this  fantastic and simple Chocolate Peppermint Custard for your Valentine’s and an opportunity to learn something from Penny Pinchin Momma.  (details follow) Last […]

Get Those Dirty Dishes out of the Sink!

Ed Note: I’ll confess up front, I’m not always diligent about keeping up with the dishes and there are only two of us living here right now.  But I so love a tidy kitchen, especially my beautiful remodeled kitchen with its beautiful cabinets and count tops.  I assure you, my kitchen now has a lived […]