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Midori Giant Soybean - Certified Organic

Midori Giant Soybean - Certified Organic
Midori Giant Soybean - Certified Organic
SKU: 10013
(Glycine max)
Certified Organic
Unit size: 1/2 OZ
Matures in 68 days

Early maturing with large seeds. Sweet, buttery, and high yielding, it is one of the leading green vegetable soybeans available. Consistent heavy producer, yielding over 90% two and three-seeded pods with a clear pubescence. This is a sure winner for both commercial production and home gardeners. Plants average 16-17 and are well-branched, tall and sturdy. More details...
Price: $2.75
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Product Details
Frost sensitive annual. Direct seed into well cultivated soil after danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed to 55-60F. Plant Seeds: 1/2 inch deep with 2-4" between seeds, in rows 30" apart.
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