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Show product details for NutriMill Harvest Grain Mill

NutriMill Harvest Grain Mill

Price $299.00

The NutriMill Harvest Grain Mill has a beautiful wood finish with bamboo housing. Not only is this a robust and reliable machine, but it looks great in your kitchen. It combines fine engineering, superior craftsmanship and a classic timeless design to provide you and your family with fresh, nutritious whole grain flours. Improve your health, the taste of your food and the look of your kitchen.

This item ships for one penny!

Show product details for NutriMill Plus Grain Mill

NutriMill Plus Grain Mill

Price $219.00

The NutriMill Plus is the newest member of the NutriMill Grain Mill family. Allows you to grind your non oily grains into fresh, nutritious flour. This high speed grain mill has a collapsible hopper that allows for compact storage. The patent pending 4-stage filtration system makes for a cleaner, safer milling experience.

This item ships for one penny!