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Genovese Basil - Certified Organic

 Genovese Basil - Certified Organic
Genovese Basil - Certified Organic
SKU: 10001
(Ocimum basilicum var genovese)
Certified Organic
Unit Size: 1/32 OZ
Matures in 68 days

Pesto lovers unanimously recommend Genovese as the best variety for pesto due to its distinctively sweet flavor. Plants are strong producers of dark-green, glossy leaves with a characteristic spoon shape. More details...
Price: $2.75
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Product Details

Planting Depth: 1/8-1/4"

Soil Temp. for Germ.: 70-85F

Days to Germ: 6-12

Avg. Spacing: 8-25 seeds/ft. in rows 18-30 in apart

Avg. Seeding Rate: 1-2 lbs/acre

Full Sun

Moderate Water

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