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Superstone Bread Dome Stoneware

Our Products: Bakeware
Superstone Bread Dome Stoneware
Superstone Bread Dome Stoneware
SKU: 4761
The domed shape of the Superstone stoneware Bread Dome allows air to evenly circulate around the baker for a uniformly browned crust. The unglazed lid helps pull moisture to create the crackly crust and light crumb like those in breads baked in professional brick-lined ovens. The added hole in the lid allows some steam to escape to ensure a crispier loaf. The glazed bottom allows you to use the Superstone stoneware Bread Dome for chickens, roasts and one pot meals without absorbing their flavors. More details...
Price: $59.99
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Product Details
Baking with Superstone Baking Stones improves the texture and taste of foods. Breads and pizza crusts are crispier, pie crusts flakier and fish, chicken and meats are tender and juicy.

Approximate overall measurement: 8" high x 9.5" diameter


Care Instructions: Scrub with hot water. Do not use soap.
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