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Mystery Meals

Our Products: Books & Media
Mystery Meals
Mystery Meals
SKU: 7015
The fun is in not knowing!

Plastic coil

64 pages. More details...
Price: $9.99
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Product Details
What happens when dinner guests have to "order” food from a menu that lists only code names – and they have no idea what’s being served? Hilarious entertainment for all! Turn an ordinary dinner party for 8 into something much more entertaining when you give food code names, mix up the menus and make guests guess what’s for dinner. Guests will order food from a themed menu of cryptic clues in the order they wish to eat each course. The trick is this: each food is listed by a code name rather than an actual food name. And the menu contains napkin, utensils and beverages too. If guests don’t break the code accurately, they may be destined to eat dessert first, manage salad without a fork or be served only a toothpick, water and napkin for one course – all while laughing hysterically! Menus for 9 different themes with step-by-step instructions for the host and copy-ready menus for guests make the parties fun and easy.
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