Parade Bunching Onion - Certified Organic

Parade Bunching Onion - Certified Organic
Parade Bunching Onion - Certified Organic
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(Allium fistulosum)
Certified Organic
Unit size: 100 seeds
Matures in 70 days

We’ve never seen such a uniform, upright bunching onion, not a single leaf leaning over. The rows are simply gorgeous! Dark green and vigorous with no bulbing at all, making cleaning stalks easy and quick. Parade has a nice, mild onion flavor.
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Product Details
Bunching Onions
Bunching onions are hardy perennials that are grown as annuals or overwintered for early spring harvests. True bunching onions or scallions, Allium fistulosum, do not form bulbs and remain straight and slender, many common onion varieties may be grown as bunching onions, but will eventually bulb up.
Soil  and Nutrient Requirements
Onions prefer soils rich in organic matter that are well-drained. Optimal pH is 6.2-6.8. They cannot tolerate acid soils, especially in early stages. 80 lbs/A nitrogen is recommended. Sidedress 4-5 weeks after planting. High levels of sulfur in the soil will increase pungency. Best results come from selecting a bed with the least weed pressure possible.
Full sun. Onions are very sensitive to day length and shade will dramatically slow growth.
Seeding Depth
Planting depth: 1/4-1/2",
Seeding Rate
Seeding rate: ~50 seeds/ft, in 2-3”  wide bands;
Plant Spacing
Thin if desired to 2”
Row Spacing
Row spacing: 12-18".
When to Sow
Direct sow seeds as soon as soil can be worked.  Seeds are slow to germinate and grow, it is important to keep them well weeded so that the weeds do not take over.
Other Considerations
Hill stalks to promote elongation and blanching.
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