Thyme - Certified Organic

Thyme - Certified Organic
Thyme - Certified Organic
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(Thymus vulgaris)
Certified Organic
Unit size: 1/10 gram
Matures in 90 days

Petite leaves and mini spikes of pinkish-lavender flowers atop woody stalks. Makes a beautiful border along herb and flower beds, growing to about 6-10”. A very versatile culinary staple which can successfully flavor any meat and vegetable dish. Our strain is a winter hardy variety that does well in cool regions. Transplanting is recommended. Start seedlings 8-10 weeks before planting date. Sow seeds 1?8” deep or sprinkle seed onto soil surface and cover gently. Separate and plant 8” apart. Perennial.
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   Plant after last anticipated frost date, 1/8-1/4” deep in rich soil, then water with seaweed solution. This will help germinate the seed and promote root growth. Space 9-12 apart. If planting in raised beds or containers, plant 9” on center.

   If you choose to plant seedlings, start indoors 3 to 4 weeks before the last anticipated hard frost.  Harden them off first if you are buying or growing starts.  This is done by placing the seedlings in direct sun for an hour, then placing in the shade.   Each following day increase the time in the sun by one hour; repeat this each day until they are in the sun for 6 to 8 hours, which will take a week or so. Make sure they don’t dry out.

  If you know there is a chance of hard freeze, bring seedlings inside until freeze is over. When it is safe, leave seedlings outside, placing them next to a building with an overhang and let them get used to nighttime temperatures.  The building and overhead cover should give you some protection.  After one night outside and they are used to sun, you can plant without shocking the plant.  Plant in soil when outside temperatures may go to 32 degrees but mostly stay above freezing.
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