Tribute to Mom

The Urban Homemaker is epitomized in my own mother.  I took it for granted, as a child, and foolishly thought most homes were like mine, with a mother who cooked supper every night, baked the best cookies and cinnamon rolls, and actually said she liked doing laundry and ironing!  I did wonder at times why […]

Healthy Blender Pancakes

  We were hungry for pancakes this morning, and I’ve been wanting to try Marilyn’s Blender Pancake recipe in her wonderful cookbook, Breakfasts for Busy Moms. We were not disappointed!  If you haven’t put your Bosch blender to the test yet, try it out with this recipe!  It’s AMAZING!  Put the ingredients into the blender […]

So What’s in Your Mattress?

Did you know the typical mattress gains 10 –20 pounds over its life because your home contains millions of dust mites and their fecal matter live in mattresses, furniture, carpet, and children’s stuffed toys?  Not a very pleasant topic but there is an easy, safe solution to a nasty household problem. Here’s the scoop: Dust […]

Solar Cooking Tips from a Pro

Written by Marilyn My friends Tara Miller and Sam Brown have compiled numerous practical tips including a Five-Day Kitchen Diary to make cooking in the Global Sun Oven successful and fun.  Sun Ovens are the perfect way to keep a kitchen cool while reducing energy consumption during the hottest days of summer. Ed Note: They […]

Local Foods to Local Markets

Do you LOVE Farmer’s Markets and participate in your local market as a producer or a consumer? Today I want to talk about ways you can help promote and support your local agricultural economy especially in Colorado.  If passed, Colorado would join nearly 20 other states (plus 5 pending!) who already support cottage industry food […]

Making Bone Broth Video Demonstration

  Today I’m going to talk about the time-tested process of making bone broths in your  kitchen to restore your health. Today’s busy lifestyles, wide use of antibiotics and nutrient deficient foods have pre-disposed many children and young adults to unhealthy gut health resulting in sinus problems, gluten intolerance, chronic fatigue, arthritis,  allergies, and other […]

Prepared or Paranoid? – Eyewitness report from Japan

Ed Note:  I received the following eyewitness perspective from  Navy wife Tanya, living about 240 miles from the nuclear site.  I found Tanya’s perspective refreshing and encouraging as she and her family are learning to live with drastically less power and water in the aftermath of the earthquake.  I hope you will glean perspective and […]

How do I salvage buggy grain?

  Have you ever experienced the sinking feeling of opening a bag of grain to bug invested grain? It’s a bit of a sinking feeling.  But here are the tried and true remedies to save the grain! A customer writes: ” I just opened the bag & found many many little black bugs roaming about […]

Continuing Ed for Moms Today at Noon – Mountain Time

You are Invited to Join Me for Continuing Ed for Moms  or Urbanhomemaker Live Talk Radio Today and it’s Free Date: Friday, February 18, 2011 at 12:00 Noon MT Time:  12:00 Noon MT ( 2:00 ET, 1:00 CT, 11:00 PT) Dial In: 724-444-7444 CAll ID 83314 Listen In:  Click on this Link to listen in […]

Tips for Avoiding and Overcoming the Flu, Naturally!

Mary came down with a sore throat on Sunday, right after I thought we had missed the cold and flu season.  After applying some of the below tips, she said her throat was almost better a day later. Here are some of my best tips for Avoiding and Overcoming the Flu Naturally that have worked […]