Making Bone Broth Video Demonstration


Today I’m going to talk about the time-tested process of making bone broths in your  kitchen to restore your health.

Today’s busy lifestyles, wide use of antibiotics and nutrient deficient foods have pre-disposed many children and young adults to unhealthy gut health resulting in sinus problems, gluten intolerance, chronic fatigue, arthritis,  allergies, and other degenerative conditions.  Having said that, I remind you I’m not a doctor but I speak based on my own experience and that of others.

You can easily master the art of making your own bone broths or stocks from leftover chicken, beef, or fish bones.  Add chopped carrot, celery, and onion.  Simmer for 24–72 hours.

Bone broths are very nourishing to the intestines because they are full of natural gelatin that coats and soothes the gut and contain high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and other  trace minerals.  View the video for details.  The broths can be made into gravy, soups and stews, or even used as a tonic – type drink.  They are delicious, and thick when properly made.

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Bonus Video:  How to Make Ghee – Free of allergens such as milk solids and lactose and safe for dairy intolerant individuals.

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Disclaimer: While I can’t guarantee your food allergies will be reversed by mastering the art of traditional cooking methods, I do believe your health will be improved.


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