Tribute to Mom

The Urban Homemaker is epitomized in my own mother.  I took it for granted, as a child, and foolishly thought most homes were like mine, with a mother who cooked supper every night, baked the best cookies and cinnamon rolls, and actually said she liked doing laundry and ironing!  I did wonder at times why […]

Making Playdough At Home – A Recipe For FUN!

  Although my own children have outgrown this activity, we still get to enjoy it now and then when entertaining other young ones!  It never fails to bring smiles, and is a safe, economical remedy for those “winter doldrums”! This recipe, which I’ve had for years, is easily made, with simple ingredients you have in […]

Healthy Blender Pancakes

  We were hungry for pancakes this morning, and I’ve been wanting to try Marilyn’s Blender Pancake recipe in her wonderful cookbook, Breakfasts for Busy Moms. We were not disappointed!  If you haven’t put your Bosch blender to the test yet, try it out with this recipe!  It’s AMAZING!  Put the ingredients into the blender […]

Whole Grain Crackers… Garlic too!

I had a bit of a personal challenge this morning.  I said to myself, “If I can make pretty darn tasty bread, then I should be able to make crackers!” So here is my morning journey… I started with this Wheat Cracker recipe from and made my changes: Plain Whole Grain Crackers: 1 3/4 […]

Flaking with “The Bosch”

I am a FLAKER! and proud of it… Yes, even the Urban Homemaker buys already flaked oats and 7/9-grains.. Until tonight, that is! One of my New Year’s goals was to “flake” or “roll” or to simply “flatten the heck out of a whole grain!”  So tonight, as I prepared a granola recipe out of […]

Laundry Soap Evolvement

My whole relationship with laundry soap has been one of evolvement. Yep, I evolve in what is important and what is not to where finally I arrive at just the right place. I have “arrived” at my current laundry soap status for over 2 yrs and I think I am sticking with it. Over 6 […]

Homemade Bone Broth

  Recipe for homemade Turkey Broth   Ingredients bones of 1 whole turkey gizzards and neck from turkey (optional but more nutritious) Turkey feet, peeled and talons removed (optional, but if you get past the less than pleasant appearance, they are loaded with gelatin!) 1 large onion, coarsely chopped 2 carrots peeled, coarsely chopped 2-3 […]

An Urban Homemaker’s Breakfast: Part II

One of my homemaking goals is to use what I have and enjoy the process of finding the recipes which are now becoming traditions.  Breakfast is also a favorite mealtime and I have recipes that I am asked to share over and over again. These items may use a same basic ingredient at times, but when […]

Top 10 Kitchen Herbs

Marilyn’s Top Kitchen Herbs: Every pantry should have these top ten basic culinary herbs either fresh or dried: Basil – for pesto, Italian sauces, soups and stews Dill – Not just for dill pickles, use in cottage cheese, cream cheese, goat cheese, omelets, seafood (especially salmon), potato salad and breads Chives – Great in everything […]

Busy Mom Bread Making Solution #2

It is 93 degrees in beautiful western Colorado and I have no bread to feed 3 hungry children. Did I say I was busy? Yes, adding work into my normally busy day has made me rethink a few things.  So, might I share a few solutions for such a time as this? Solution #1- buy […]