How To Cook The Perfect Egg… or, being thankful for the simple things in life

tumblr_lm110yHDTw1qdcvmcIf you’ve ever tried peeling a “farm-fresh” hard-boiled egg you can probably relate to my frustration over what seems like an impossible task!  We have had chickens for 16 years, and until just a few weeks ago I struggled with removing the shell from a hard-boiled egg!  I’ve read, and been told many tips and tricks to getting it done, but none of those provided a consistent smooth outcome!

Recently, I came across a brief article in Mother Earth Living that gave simple instructions, which I followed, and got great results!  And not just once – it’s worked perfectly for me several times now!

Here are my “slightly revised” easy-to-follow steps:

  • Bring eggs to room temperature
  • Bring a pot of water to a rapid boil
  • Carefully lower eggs into water with a spoon
  • Cover pot and boil hard for 14 minutes
  • Drain and put eggs immediately into cold water
  • Lightly crack each shell all over and then gently roll it between your hands and remove shell

It is amazing what emotions overwhelm us in the process of just the simple things in life!  I can honestly admit to sheer frustration (anger?) in trying to get the shells off eggs for those Deviled Eggs I was taking to the church potluck!  And then – the happiness and thankfulness I felt when I used this method and the shells just slipped off easily!

Maybe it’s “the simple things in life” that are our true tests.






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