Potato Tradition

Every 2nd week of a new school year we find ourselves mourning the almost gone summer months.

Every 2nd week of a new school year it is time to break the mold and HARVEST POTATOES!

I love harvesting potatoes and you know my kids do too. Their motivation and attitude quickly changes and we find ourselves in the almost sleeping garden full of produce which needs preserving and picking.  My little ones left their desks with Language Arts complete only to be told to head to the garden.

What For?

For a potato adventure!  ~ and Science for the day!

As we dug through the dirt I tried impressing upon them the slang phrase “pay-load!” But in their sweet way I heard shouts of “Hay-load! Hay-load!” every time I forked up a clump of dirt only to find a “pay-load” of potatoes!

I can’t say whole heartedly that I am looking forward to the next season, but boy! ~ this is truly a tradition that is in its 3rd year. It really is in the
little things that memories are made and looked forward to the next time.


So the next time:  Let’s just say that this particular son has prepared the soil for a winter harvest and he has already asked me to pick up a bale of straw. I just think we might get behind that idea and make another tradition: Winter Potato Harvest.


For Now, enjoy your harvest & hope it is a potato harvest!








  1. Kathy,
    Talk to Nancy, we are learning the small town Iowa, community garden way of “above ground” potato growing – elevated, off the ground, under straw, no digging!!

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