Astro Arugula - Certified Organic

Astro Arugula - Certified Organic
Astro Arugula - Certified Organic
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(Eruca vesicaria var sativa)
Certified Organic
Unit Size: 1/32 OZ
Matures in 21 days for baby and 40 days for full size.

Standard arugula variety with long, green leaves and that characteristic spicy flavor. Pops up quickly and withstands cold temperatures. Adds flavor and zest to salads and cooking!
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Product Details
Soil Requirements
Choose flats with drainage holes for planting, 1020 plastic flats work well. Fill flats to an inch or more with moist potting soil or soil-less mix.
Flats can be placed under grow lights, outdoor under shade, or in hoophouses with natural light.
Seeding Depth
Best results are acquired when seed is soaked 8-12 hours before planting unless using a hydroponic system. Broadcast seed evenly over soil surface and press seeds gently into soil surface.
Seeding Rate
1/4-1/2lb seed for a flat, highly dependent on seed size.
Other Info
Even and constant moisture is essential for vigorous and uniform sprouting. Ensure moisture by covering seeds by lightly sprinkling medium over seeds or use a clear dome to cover tray. Remove dome after seedlings emerge to avoid mold and rot.
Seed Specs
Vary by variety, see specific crop page for details.
Seed Coating / Pelleting Info
Some of the varieties we carry receive an organic film coating applied to the seed, which make the seed easier to see during planting.
Harvest by clipping stems when first true leaves appear between cotyledon leaves, on average about 10 days after planting. Wash greens and dry on towels, in salad spinner or place them into mesh bags and spin dry for 5-15 minutes in washing machine.
Store refrigerated in plastic bags. Micro-greens are also sold by the flat and customers clip right before using for best quality.
Pest  and Disease Info
  • Damping off - If seedlings rot at base of stem, make sure not to overwater trays and provide good air circulation. 
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