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This product is no longer sold in 8 lb plastic pails. You will receive 5 bags (1.6lb each) of Wheat Montana 7 Grain Cereal with Flax

Ingredients: Hard red wheat, oat groats, triticale, rye, soft white wheat, spelt, flax

Cooks in 5 minutes!

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In stock and ready to ship! Today’s Bosch Universal Plus Stand Mixer has 500 watts of power and comes with a 6.5 quart bowl that can hold up to 15 pounds of dough (that’s a lot of dough). The mixing bowl is designed with a splash ring, which allows you to easily add ingredients and keep them in the bowl. There are 4 speeds, plus a pulse speed setting, to make sure your Bosch does exactly what you need it to do. And if that’s not enough, there is a wide range of available accessories and attachments for whatever you’d like to create – from pasta to ice cream and everything in between. And when you are finished, the Bosch is easy to clean up – it even has a removable drive shaft for when that extra cake batter got a little messy. If you are serious about cooking, or just have a passion for creating really good food, then you need a Bosch mixer today!
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The Wonder Junior Deluxe Plus Grain Mill grinds almost all types of grains, seeds, beans, and nuts, and includes both the Standard Auger and a Masa/Nut Butter Auger for making masa for tortillas, tamales, and fresh nut butter. The augers can be switched back and forth with a simple pull pin. Grind wheat, oats, corn, rice, quinoa, amaranth, legumes, spices, cloves, flax, coffee beans and a lot more in your own kitchen! The Locking Adjustment Knob lets you set a precise ultra-fine flour setting or a super coarse cracked grain setting. This mill includes STONE BURRS for dry grains (wheat, oats, etc.) and STAINLESS STEEL BURRS for oily items (peanuts, sunflower seeds, soybeans, etc.). Both sets of burr heads come with bolt-on mounting posts for secure grounding. The TOUGHEST in its price range! Built to last for as long as you own it – With a 13-inch body, 10-inch easy-turn arm, lifetime lubricated bearings and double-clamp mount that bolts to surfaces up to 2" thick, use Wonder Junior Deluxe as a manual flour mill, manual coffee grinder, spice grinder or turn it into a drill-powered mill with the Drill Bit Attachment (optional, sold separately). The hand mill comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to put your mind at ease. Wonder Junior Deluxe is USA-designed and patented and manufactured in India.
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Type: Manual
Designed to last many lifetimes! Industrial quality; requires 30% less energy to turn. Easy dial self-locking adjustment. Large hopper holds 2 lbs of wheat. Hand-cast solid aluminum body. Easy conversion to electric motor.
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This large capacity‚ powder-coated (painted), cast iron hand mill is made to last. The grinding plates are made of hard iron alloy designed for a long life‚ and the mill will grind grains from coarse cracking to finer flours. It mills a wide variety of items including grains‚ beans‚ corn‚ coffee‚ and even nuts‚ (Larger items will have to be put through twice.) This mill grinds slightly coarser than other hand operated grain mills but the flour quality is acceptable for bread baking. This is one of my first choices in hand grain mills because it will produce flour much faster than any of the other hand-operated mills I have used‚ a trade off I consider very worthwhile to consider. 14" high; the hopper holds about 2# of grain. This unit is a Tooth feed- with FINE plates. If you are grinding wet items we will need to set you up with this unit, but with WORM Feed/ Coarse Plates. "Poi" makers you will want the Worm feed/Coarse Plates! Call me or indicate in comments! Additional plates are available, call for pricing, but if you are grinding grains you are set with ordering this unit!
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Type: Micronizing, Electric
Nutrimill with Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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The NutriMill Harvest combines fine engineering with superior craftsmanship to provide you with fresh, nutritious whole grain flour. The versatility of this mill allows you to grind from fine pastry flour to cracked grains for cereal, and everything in between.Take back control over the quality of the food you consume.

With its bamboo cabinet, the NutriMill Harvest's form matches its function. Its synthetic stone milling heads will grind a full range of textures from cracked grain to pastry fine flour with an easy-adjust texture control knob, allowing you to make all your favorite recipes with home milled grains. The new Harvest includes a one-click bowl release for easy access to your millstones for cleaning and maintenance.

Built to last, designed, assembled and tested in the USA, the Harvest mill uses only the highest quality components to give you many years of reliable service. German quality ceramic grinding stones create a low-heat milling process that does not destroy vitamins and minerals.

The NutriMill Harvest mill will grind soft or hard wheat, oat groats (dehulled oats), rice, triticale, kamut, spelt, buckwheat, barley, rye, millet, teff, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum and dent (field) corn. It will also grind lentils and dry beans (pinto, red, garbanzo, kidney & more.) It isn't suitable for spices, herbs, oilseeds like flax or sesame, or fibrous materials.

Grind what you need when you need it. Make a blend of grains for hot cereal to take you through the morning, or fortify your favorite dishes with ground lentils for a healthy thickener!

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