Bosch Compact Mixer

Bosch Compact Mixer
Bosch Compact Mixer
Bosch Compact Mixer
Bosch Compact Mixer
Bosch Compact Mixer
Bosch Compact Mixer
Bosch Compact Mixer
Bosch Compact Mixer
Bosch Compact Mixer
Bosch Compact Mixer
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SKU: 1005
Brand: Bosch
Sadly, this item is no longer available in the United States.

The Bosch Compact mixer has a 400 watt motor, making it “most powerful in its class.” Combine that power with its European design and quality to ensure it is the perfect unit for your kitchen’s limited counter space!
Price: $229.00
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Product Details

The Compact boasts a sturdy 4 quart mixing bowl and can knead up to 6 pounds of dough. It has many available attachments to fulfill every demand in your kitchen. The Bosch Compact is designed with a unique Planetary Gearing System to assure thorough mixing. Its durable plastic construction is easy to clean.

From homemade bread, to perfect smoothies, to slicing and shredding all your fresh veggies, let Bosch bring your inner chef to life.


· Four-quart plastic bowl with anti-splash cover
· Beating and stirring whisks
· Dough hook
· Cover for blender drive


· Ergonomic multi-function arm with special gearing and 3 drive positions for maximum versatility
· Convenient cord storage
· Suction feet for optimum stability
· Durable, easy-to-clean surface
· Four electronically controlled speeds plus locking park position
· Overload and restart motor protection
· White color

Shipping Information

· Weight: 11
· Dimensions: 13" Depth 11" Width 10-1/2" Height

Special Accessories

To allow you to get the most service from your Bosch Compact Series Kitchen Machine, Bosch engineers have designed a line of special accessories to expand the usefulness of your Bosch Compact mixer. In addition to the attachments that come with the various Compact Series Kitchen Machines, there are optional accessories that can be ordered separately. These accessories include a food and meat grinder, grain mills, citrus juicer and ice cream maker, plus additional attachments that can be used with the meat grinder.

Planetary Gearing System

The Bosch Compact whip and dough hook spin and at the same time, the drive motor rotates within the bowl producing thoroughly mixed ingredients.

Electronic Speed Control

Six-position rotary switch is located at the side of the multifunction arm of the power unit: 4 speeds plus a locking park position "P” and a stop position "On/Off.”

Three Accessory Drives

A high-speed drive used for blender and other attachments requiring high shaft speed

A mid-speed drive used for continuous shredder attachment and other attachments requiring mid-range shaft speeds.

A high torque drive used for whisks, dough hook and meat grinder attachment and other attachments requiring more torque.

Each of these drives is controlled by the 4-speed electronic control providing 12 distinct shaft speeds optimizing the motor speed for different loads encountered by different attachments.

Ergonomic Multifunction Arm

Four locking positions place attachments in most ergonomic position for their use.
Park position "P”

Six-position rotary switch, located at side of the multifunction arm of the power unit, has "P” position used to "park” the drive unit. The drives must be placed in the park position prior to changing position of ergonomic multifunction arm. If drives are not in proper position for rotating the arm turning the rotary switch to the "P” position will cause motor to reposition drives. If motor does not reposition drives when turned to the "P” position, the drives are already in position for arm to be rotated.

Motor Drive Covers

Two covers are provided to cover high –speed and mid-speed drive when they are not in use.

Convenient Cord Storage

Convenient cord storage located on the back of the power unit, where the cord may be wound around the holder.

Four Rubber Feet

Four rubber feet will provide the stability, while also serving to isolate the power unit from the hard surface to minimize noise and vibration.

BOSCH Small Appliance Warranty

BSH Home Appliances ("BOSCH”) warrants all new small appliances to be free from original defects in design, materials and workmanship for one (1) year after the sale to the original owner. Within the stated warranty period, BOSCH will repair or replace, at its sole option, any small appliance or parts thereof which prove defective under the conditions of normal use and service at no charge to you. It is the owner’s responsibility to return the appliance for repair. Repaired and replacement small appliances and parts shall be the same or as close in appearance as possible to the original for the purposes of this warranty.

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