Easy Crank Can Opener

Easy Crank Can Opener
Easy Crank Can Opener
SKU: 11181
Large crank handle provides great leverage for effortless opening Durable, chrome-plated design with built-in cap remover Black swing grips ensure comfort, style, and performance Superior control compared to similar manual can openers Engraved arrow ensures proper use
Price: $13.99
Product Details
This Garde COHH-LC large crank can opener makes cutting into cans efficient and easy on your hand. Featuring a crank-style handle, this opener provides maximum leverage and comfort for the operator, allowing you to easily slice through can after can without fatigue. More controlled than a standard manual can opener, the crank design will allow your staff to open more cans and speed up your food prep process, meaning that preparing sautees, fruit salads, and other tasty dishes is no longer a painful hassle.
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