by Marilyn Moll
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If you and your family are tired of the pizza,hamburger, and the fast food rut and need some major cash infusion to your grocery budget....

Then Fast and Healthy Menus, provides the menus, the recipes, and grocery list to get you started to better health and drastic reduction of grocery expenses.

Menus rely on family favorite recipes the whole family will eat and basic, whole food ingredients readily found in the grocery store. No convenience products loaded with questionable ingredients, additives, or preservatives are used.

* 10 Easy Steps For Getting Started With A Lifestyle For Health

* 4 Weeks of Kid Friendly Menus and Recipes

* Complete Shopping lists

* Steps for Simplified Meal Planning

* Stocking a Pantry with Master Pantry List

* Whole Grain Bread Baking Recipes

* Marilyn's Famous Whole Wheat Bread and

Take the guesswork out of meal planning!

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P. Koskinen

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Keep your preschoolers busy while doing school with older children with Preschool Activities in a Bag. This ebook sampler of Pre-school Activities in a Bag describes how to make up 8 different activity bags for your preschoolers including specific instructions, materials lists, masters, and helpful hints to keep those precious preschoolers busy. Also great for teen-aged baby sitters to take when babysitting for others. $9.95 retail value


BONUS # 2: The Get Organized Combo Set from Homeschooling with Index Cards is a great way to use index cards to help you get and stay organized. It includes 4 sets: Kid Chore Organizer, Mom's Chore Organizer, Assignment Cards, and a fun "I'm Bored!" Card Set. You will be able to get your self, kids, and homeschool organized, while giving the kids some fun activities to boot!
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BONUS #3: Secrets of Successful Homeschooling by Paul and Gena Suarez, publishers of the The Old Schoohouse Magazine. Yes, you can homeschool!" Whether you are a new parent thinking ahead to your family's educational years, a homeschooler in the trenches, or a veteran who has "been there, done that", this e-book holds something for everyone. In this e-book, you will learn from well-known authors such as Cindy Rushton, Christine Field, Terri Camp and Lorrie Flem. You’ll hear from homeschool moms just like you, and there are even a few chapters by homeschool graduates!

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BONUS #4: Steps to the Best Bread by Marilyn Moll
Learn how to select ingredients, knead bread, develop the gluten, and other fool-proof tips for the best whole wheat bread from the expert. Includes illustrated step by step instructions to Marilyn's Famous Whole Wheat Bread and more.
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BONUS #5: Simple Tips for Successful Home Management - Volume 1 by Crystal Paine
Simple Tips for Successful Home Management: Volume 1 is a collection of some of my favorite tips, tricks, techniques, and even a few recipes I've used over the last few years of being a wife, mother, and homemaker. I don't consider myself to be an expert on the subject of homemaking and this ebook is not about perfectionism. Rather, it's about simplifying your life, making the most of where God has you, and being a wife, mother, and homemaker who glorifies the Lord. This ebook just a simple compilation of encouragement which I hope is a blessing to many.
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BONUS #6: The Joy of the LORD is my strength AND , Keeping Young Ones Happy and Occupied During School Time MP3 audios.
Malia Russell's primary ministry is encouraging and empowering mothers and Home Educators to seek God's Word when facing challenges and encouraging women in their biblical roles of wives and mothers. Check her website for many free tools and downloads for you to enjoy. For this promotion you can download a free mp3 of her talks, The Joy of the LORD is my strength, an audio devotional AND , Keeping Young Ones Happy and Occupied During School Time, developed to help mothers with young children in the home. Enjoy!
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Inside the pages of this darling book you will find:
* 7 Tips to Clear the Clutter
* 7 Habits That Will Make You Happy
* Using 7 Spiritual Weapons for Happiness
* 7 Quick Organizing Tricks
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Purchase Fast and Healthy Menus ebook with 8 Bonuses for Only $12.97!
This offer is for seven days only and is worth over $70.00 retail

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