1. Can you really cook your vegetables without water?
Yes.  Each pan has a precision ground electronically
balanced cover that causes a vapor seal to form between the
cover and pan which is what makes minimum moisture
cooking possible.  Cook vegetables using only a few
tablespoons of added water or the water that clings to the
vegetables after rinsing.  
2. How does cooking waterless retain more of the vitamins
and minerals?
Cooking waterless retains the vitamins and minerals
through minimum moisture cooking and low heat cooking.  
The food is pasteurized below the boiling point.  Cooking
at or above the boiling point with water destroys valuable
vitamins and minerals in your food.  Cooking waterless and
with low heat retains 98% of those valuable nutrients.  
3. How can you cook food with low heat?
The waterless cookware is constructed of several layers of
metals that conduct the heat fast and evenly.  The sealing
cover holds all of the heat and moisture in the pan like a
thermos bottle allowing you to use lower temperature
settings during the cooking process.   
4.  Doesn’t using low heat cause food to not be properly
No.  The food is pasteurized (or bacteria is killed below the
boiling point) due to the sealing cover and thorough heating
of the entire cooking unit or pan.  This is the most
important and unique feature of waterless cooking.
5. Can you cook rice without water?   
I get this question quite often and the answer is no.  You
need to use water in anything that is dried or dehydrated.  
This includes pastas, rice, or other grains that require water.  
Use the amount that the package or food calls for.
6. Doesn’t meat stick if you don’t use grease?   
No.  The cookware is made of a nonporous surgical
stainless steel.  Meat will stick at first but then releases
from the metal once it is browned due to the nonporous
property of the steel.  One exception is fish and eggs which
due to their texture require a small amount of shortening.  
All other meats require no added grease or oil.  
7. Isn’t the meat dry if you don’t use grease?   
No.  Slab meat like steak and hamburgers will cook quicker
on the open pan and so it won’t dry out.  Boned meat like
chicken breast or roasts will retain their natural juices due
to the sealing cover and low heat cooking.  Little to none of
the natural juices is evaporated through the cooking process
creating a juicy tender texture that melts in your mouth.
8.  How can you bake a cake on top of the stove?   
This is an example of how important the sealing cover is.  
Each pan works like a small baking unit except the heat
does not escape but it penetrates the food inside the pan.  
Any food that you can cook in the over you can cook above
the stove waterless.  This includes tasty dishes like lasagna,
roasts, whole turkey or chicken, cakes, and cornbread.   
9. If the food is healthier will I really like it?  
Not only does the food retain more nutrients and natural
moisture but the food retains more of the natural flavor.  
You will begin craving healthier foods in your diet.  You
will even begin to prefer eating at home rather than eating
out.  Last, you won’t desire fried foods as much because
you can cook meat without grease and still have abundant
flavor and tenderness.  
10. Does the cookware really save energy and money?   
Yes. You will use your stove for a less amount of time on a
lower temperature and can eliminate your oven use by
roasting on top of the stove.  There will be no need to buy
shortening or oil again and there are definitely health
savings.  If used properly over time you will make fewer
trips to the doctor saving you money and anxiety.  Last you
will save hundreds of dollars by never having to replace
your cookware again which most people do over and over
and over again.

11. Isn’t it hard to get use to cooking waterless and
No.  After using it properly for a few meals cooking will
become quicker and easier than you could have imagined.  
It becomes less of a chore and more of something you feel
good about because you know you are feeding yourself and
your family good nutrition.  
13.  Is it hard to clean?   
No.  If something should burn in the pan you simply add an
inch or so of water to the bottom and boil on high heat.  
Use a flat edge metal spatula to scrape the food off.  It is
quick and simple.
14.  Does the cookware keep its mirror finish for a
Yes.  It must however be properly cared for.  If you use salt
in the cooking process it is important to clean it out well
after cooking.  Although the stainless steel is noncorrosive
it still can be susceptible to damage over time.  If whites
spots or blue or brown stains appear simply use a stainless
steel cleaner and a small amount of water to make a dry
paste.  Apply to the pan with a dish cloth and these will
15.  What do I do if a handle comes loose or off?   
If your handle becomes loose it will usually screw back in
with a screwdriver.  Over many years of consistent use
handles and knobs will usually need replaced.  When this
happens your manufacturer or dealer will usually replace
these for a minimal shipping cost.  
16.  Why is there oil in the oil core skillet and how does it
The oil in the oil core skillet replaces the coils that most
electric skillets have.  The oil heats up instead of the coils
providing extremely even heat.  The oil core skillet is made
of the Titanium based 304 stainless and has a sealing cover
therefore can be used waterless and greaseless like the
stove top cookware.
17.  How can there be such a large price difference in the
waterless cookware available?
The biggest price determinant for waterless cookware is the
sales technique.  On-site demonstration type sales carry the
highest mark up because of the costs associated with the
sale.  Those costs include sales training, sales management
(sometimes on several levels), travel, and space rent.  
Because you usually will not find waterless cookware in
stores, the only other sales technique is through the internet
which carries very low overhead and therefore have much
less markup in prices.  There are many websites that sell
waterless cookware on the internet.  If you choose the
internet as your method of purchase it is important that you
spend the necessary time to evaluate not only the cookware
you buy but the company that you are buying from.
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