96 Hour "Stock Up While You Can" Sale!

The headlines are everywhere. Supplies are down and prices are up. Flooding, tornadoes and poor spring weather in the USA and the World are leading to short supplies and ever increasing prices.

In response to these recent events we are placing an emergency mid-season order for bulk grains and you can take part in our volume purchase to receive “special pricing”. This offer is available to local Western Slope customers only.

We are holding this order open for 96 hours only!

Please place your order immediately to be guaranteed supply.

Lead time for orders is already 10 weeks. By Fall it could be longer or supplies could be gone. Many products are already out of stock.

See recent news headlines below:

Farm Flooding Keeps Grain Supplies Tight
Wall Street Journal, June 9, 2011

Crop Weather Mayhem Delays U.S. Corn, Rice Planting as Prices Extend Gains
Bloomberg - Jun 9, 2011

Ancient wheat plague threatens world crops anew
AFP - Jun 9, 2011

Low global wheat supply leads to higher food prices
KTVB - Jun 7, 2011

Oklahoma wheat harvest dismal, as predicted
NewsOK.com - Jun 9, 2011

Analysis: China drought ignites global grain supply concerns
Reuters - May 26, 2011

Wheat fungus invades Middle East and Africa
Al-Arabiya - June 12, 2011

Use the order form below to email your order to The Urban Homemaker or call 800-552-7323.

The order deadline is Thursday, June 16 2011.