Meat Grinder Attachment for Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

Meat Grinder Attachment for Bosch Universal Plus Mixer
Meat Grinder Attachment for Bosch Universal Plus Mixer
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NEW attachment from L'Chef!

The Meat Grinder attachment for the Bosch Universal Plus. Attaches to the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer.
Price: $80.00
Product Details

Meat Grinder
Universal Adapter Leg
1 Sausage Stuffer

The new L'Chef grinder attachment for the Bosch Universal Plus mixer grinds and minces meats, vegetables, virtually any food. It comes with a 3.8mm disk (which is just under 1/8") for general use, and an 8mm disk (5/16") for medium-coarse results. A stomper is included to feed meat or other foods down the chute.

The Universal Plus mixer (not included) is turned onto its rear-mounted rubber feet, to operate the grinder. The grinder uses a removable support leg that attaches between the grinder body and the mixer's drive connection, and that support leg is included with the grinder.

Also included is a sausage stuffing tube with a tip diameter of 5/8".

For the best ground meat texture and easiest grinding, your meat should be chilled almost to freezing before grinding.

An important tip for first-timers: When you reassemble the grinder after cleaning, be sure to install the blade (aka "knife") so that its sharp edges are against the round cutting disk. This means the sharp edges face away from the approaching meat chunks, which can seem counter-intuitive!

Cleanup and reassembly of the grinder are very easy. As with any meat grinder, be sure to coat the blade and disk lightly with cooking oil before putting them away, to prevent rusting.

The adapter leg was designed specifically for the Bosch Universal Plus mixer. It will not work properly with the older Classic model of the Universal mixer.

This meat grinder is made by L'Chef to work with the Bosch Universal Plus mixer. Bosch makes a grinder (Item #1130) that looks about the same as this grinder. The two grinders perform equally well and both are made to last for many years. The L'Chef grinder isn't made in Europe and the Bosch grinder is, which is why the Bosch-made grinder costs more. Several accessories are made by Bosch to fit onto the grinder they make, and those accessories will not fit onto this L'Chef grinder.

Bosch mixer sold separately.

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