Organic Dehulled Barley - 25 lb. Bag

Organic Dehulled Barley - 25 lb. Bag
Organic Dehulled Barley - 25 lb. Bag
SKU: 9912
25 lb. bag

Certified Organic
Price: $34.99
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Product Details
A very versatile grain.  For centuries, barley has been consumed in many ways.  Adding barley flour to your sourdough starter will greatly enhance the sour taste.   The gluten of barley is not as stable as wheat gluten so a loaf of bread made entirely of barley flour is very difficult to produce.

Whole Barley
The hull remains on the grain. Great for sprouting, popping (like popcorn) or grinding into whole barley flour.   Once ground, the whole barley flour is normally sifted to remove the hulls.

Dehulled Barley
The clear hull has been removed on this barley.  It still has the outer lay of bran so is more nutritious than Pearled Barley.  It grinds much better than whole barley and the flour does not need to be sifted.

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