Trap Caps

Trap Caps
Trap Caps
SKU: 5349
by Masontops

4 Regular Mouth Mason Jar Fruit Fly Traps, trap caps
Price: $11.99
Product Details
  • INCLUDES 4 REUSABLE TRAP CAPS FRUIT FLY CATCHING LIDS - Trap Caps are simple to setup, eco-friendly, completely reusable and dishwasher safe. No need to buy costly sprays or unsightly disposable plastic traps. Fits any size of regular mouth mason jar.
  • FLIES GET IN, BUT CAN'T GET OUT - Patented design features 5 entry holes which guide pests into the trap. Once inside, fruit flies cannot escape!
  • DISCREETLY ELIMINATE PESTS - Works for a little or a lot of fruit flies! Great for indoors, outdoors, kitchens, businesses, BBQs and Camping.
  • APPEALING DESIGN & SIMPLE SETUP - Family-Safe! Works with natural attractants. (1) Pour attractant into your jar - try apple cider vinegar with a drop of dish soap (2) Screw on the Trap Cap and place on your counter (3) Empty, clean and repeat.
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