Triple SproutMASTER

Triple SproutMASTER
Triple SproutMASTER
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3 - 8x12 SproutMASTERS. Three trays is the best way to keep sprouts in rotation for a continuous harvest of sprouts or for those with large families.
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In a time of food shortage or emergency, knowing how to sprout seeds is one of the most important skills you can have.

LIVE HEALTHIER: Life giving sprouts contain live enzymes necessary for the digestive process. They contain few if any calories and no cholesterol. Sprouts are one of the highest sources of fiber. Sprouts contain the highest and purest forms of vitamins, proteins, trace minerals and nutrients necessary for a long healthy life.

SPROUTMASTER has the following advantages over other sprouters:

 Does not sour the sprouts.

 Several sprouters can be stacked with the tray lid in place without losing necessary air circulation.

 The rectangular shape allows for a much better cabinet and refrigerator storage without sacrificing as much as one inch in the volume of your harvest.

 A removable divider in the middle makes it possible to grow a half crop, a full crop or two different crops at the same time.

 With a lid placed under the bottom as a drip tray and a lid placed over the top, your sprouts will stay crisper longer in the refrigerator without losing vitamins or souring.

 Disassembles quickly for easy cleaning.

The SPROUTMASTER is packaged as one, two or three trays. They can be stacked or used separately. Each package has a lid so that the unit may be used as a crisper. When selecting seed to sprout, it is important to use seed that has been grown organically and is free from harmful chemicals.

Sprouts can be eaten alone, in sandwiches, salads, burritos, casseroles, soups, meatloaves, on baked potatoes or used in hundreds of other dishes. Let your creativity run wild!

If you are prepared, it is possible to live very healthy in the hardest of times. Knowing how to sprout with the SPROUTMASTER can help you stretch your food further, if you have the right seeds in your storage.


  Live Enzymes

SPROUTMASTER solves ALL the problems encountered with other sprouters and sprouting methods.

SPROUTMASTER comes complete with a drip tray, center divider for growing two separate crops, a lid to use the tray as a crisper and a set of complete instructions.

Determine how many sprouters you need in order to sprout on a rotating basis for your family:

1 Single Sprouter & Mini Triple
1 to 2 People
1 Double Sprouter
2 to 4 People
1 Triple Sprouter
4 to 8 People

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