ION Drops Water Treatment

ION Drops Water Treatment
ION Drops Water Treatment
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ION is a non-toxic solution of stabilized electrolytes of oxygen.  The greatest value of ION is that it kills disease, infections and putrefying anaerobic bacteria while stimulating the growth and development of normal beneficial bacteria.  It is stable and does not dissipate in water or other liquids, except in lemon juice. Ion is clinically proven to kill germs that cause diseases such as giardia, dysentery, and cholera. It has an indefinite shelf life, even after being opened. Each 2 oz. bottle contains approximately 1400 drops.
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What are Ion Drops?

ION stands for Ions of Oxygen with a Negative only charge. Ion drops are a high concentration of oxygen in the molecular form. Just like the oxygen that is breathed from the atmosphere through the lungs, ION moves from the blood to the iron atoms on the red blood cells and then to the cells of the body.

How do ION Drops Kill Harmful Anaerobic Bacteria?

Anaerobic pathogens are those disease organisms found in the earth, in food, in the body, and increasingly in our water.  These organisms cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. The anaerobic bacteria possess a positive electrical charge. 

Processed ION drops carry only a negative charge.  As the blood or water is built up with this ION oxygen, the ION molecules seek out the infectious or putrefying bacteria and pull the electron away from the microorganism. 
The result is a dead bacteria, pathogens, and infectious microorganisms.

The process is the same, either in the blood, or in any water that is being treated.  We have not found an anaerobic disease, infectious or putrefying pathogen that it does not kill.  ION has a an impressive shelf life and is the only non-toxic, totally effective product available for water purification.


Water Treatment

For safe drinking water in an emergency, when you suspect the water is contaminated, use 5 to 20 drops per glass, depending on how contaminated the water is.  Let sit for at least 2 1/2 minutes.

For water storage use 20 drops per gallon or 1/2 bottle per 55 gallon drum. To treat normal tap water, for drinking, 10 drops per gallon should prove effective.

Milk and Juices

10-15 drops per quart will extend freshness up to several weeks in most cases.

Skin Cuts and Small Burns

Superficial cuts and small area burns may be treated one time only with a few drops directly on the wound to help stop bleeding and/or to reduce pain and the risk of infection.  Do not use directly on sunburns without diluting 1 to 20 with pure water.

Fever Blister, Cold sores, Herpes

One to several drops dabbed directly on wound, one time only, twice weekly.

Mouth and Teeth

5 or 6 drops on the toothbrush while brushing teeth.  Five drops in half-ounce of water for mouthwash, swish between teeth.

Breathing Attacks/Heart Attack

50 drops in an ounce of juice for immediate relief.


At first sign, add 50 drops to an ounce of juice or add to 1 teaspoon of honey in 1 ounce of water and drink.  This gets the ION into the blood stream quickly and helps the body utilize it better.  Repeat every 2 to 3 hours or 3 or 4 times per day.  Often this will keep you from getting a full blown case or coming down with anything at all.  cut the dose in half for a person weighing 70-100 pounds.  You cannot overdose on this, the only negative reaction to taking too much is it can give you loose bowels.

Food Poisoning/Dysentery/Diarrhea/Bronchitis/Emphysema/Sinus

20-50 drops (50 if really sick- for an adult) three times daily, preferably in juice.  Use smaller dose for small children.  For a baby use 5 drops.


Use 20 drops in drinking water and juices regularly. During high activity use 20 drops or more per 8 ounces of liquid.

Sore Throats

Lean head back and drip a few drops directly onto the throat, or add to pure water and spray throat.  ION will kill even strep or staph infections.

Do Not Use

On the face (it will turn red), in ears (the membranes are too sensitive), or in eyes. 


If you are diabetic, or are very toxic, you should start out taking a few drops at a time and work up to a larger dosage.  ION won't hurt you, but it does pull toxins very quickly and you may get a headache, and loose bowels.  A headache can be counteracted by taking lemon juice.

Note:  Ion has been approved by the FDA for water purification purposes only.  Any claims other than those made by various tests and studies as listed below, are anecdotal and not formally tested by any government agency.

Lab Reports on Ion Drops

Baylor University- J.L. Matthews, Ph.D. Director of Research
"...efficiently kills pathogenic organisms..."

SMU- John E. Ubelaker, Prof. of Biology
"...toxic to the bacteria, protozoa, fungus and parasitic organisms..."

Stanford University School of Medicine- James D. Berg, Ph. D.
"...Therapuetic agent...osmotic...biocine...substrate to increase efficiency... of enzymes...perocides...oxidation of virus..."  "...no detrimental physiological effects from the ingestion..."

University of Illinois- Lowell P. Hager, Head Biochemist
"...very toxic for micro-organisms..."

University of California- Davis- S. Anderson Peoples, M.D. Pharmacology
"...bactericide,...fungicide...effective medication....no toxic side effects....this compound in place of chlorine...definite therapeutic effect in reproduction...no eye irritation...Neither the treated or control skin areas showed the slightest evidence...."

Mexican Red Cross- Dr. Guillermo Garcia Basurto, Medical Director
"...instant decrease of pain (burns)...prevents infections...incisions heal in less time....Eliminates signs of allergy..."

Harvard University- Richard L. Weiss, Ph. D.
"...completely effective for E. Coli..."

Oregon State University- J.L. Pryer, Professor
"...effective against disease...Columnanris, psychrophilo..."

Hardin-Simmons University- John H. Brewer, Ph. D.
"...effectively destroys all pathogens...samonela typhi, viberio cholerae, campylobacter fetus, escherichia coil, staphylococcus aureus..."

Anne Arbor Science- W.J. Masscchelin
"...active toward Coxasackle...Herpes simples...Newcastle...Sendia...Vaccinia virus and Poliovirus A, B, and C..."

Kaiser Hospital- Romeo Basa, M.D. ARIT
"...fully effective in bacteria kills...not deteriorating....of tubing or rusting...no degradation of decomposition...constant level...In preference to any other disinfectant of which I now have knowledge..."

Health and Welfare Dept., Mexico- Humberto Gomez Valadez, Lab Chief
"...No toxic residual effect...longer than anything observed in any other treatment approved to date..."

Cook Research Laboratories- Lawrence H. Cook, Director
"...valid Mexican findings...I know of no other single system that accomplishes as much (water purification)..."


By Vicki Tate, Best-Selling Author of Cookin' with Home Storage

Note:  The below article is reprinted with the permission of Vicki Tate, and contains her opinions and anecdotal evidence supporting them.  This article has been abridged from its original length.

Seven or eight years ago I was introduced to the product that is now called Ion Stabilized Oxygen.  What first attracted me was its claims, backed up by a barrage of laboratory tests, showing its effectiveness in purifying water.

I was looking for a safe alternative to using bleach or iodine to treat water.  When I learned about Ion I felt it was a safe solution to my health concerns and began using it to store my own water.

Several years ago I came down with a terrible flu, and was bedridden for three days with a headache and lower back pain.  Stan Smith, an international distributor for ION happened to call, and he suggested that I take 50 drops of ION with a little juice and repeat the dosage again in about two hours.

Despite my skepticism about using ION medicinally, at that point I was ready to take any suggestion, but the results totally astounded me.  Within 5 minutes of taking the first dose, my headache and back pain were gone.

I later learned that results this dramatic were uncommon, and that ION is generally used at the onset of the flu to speed recovery, and alleviate the symptoms.  Now, ION is the first thing I reach for when I want to treat an illness.  I've seen first hand what it can do for me.

My staff and I get several calls a week from customers sharing stories of how ION has worked for them.  I've included some of them below.

Some people have used ION to treat their pets.  One woman in California reported her horse had eaten some poisonous weeds and was lying down, barely moving, and half dead.  she gave it a half bottle of ION!  Within a few hours the horse was up, walking around, and fully recovered.  Another woman reported putting it in her horse's water, and applying it once to the gash on its leg.  The wound healed so quickly that her veterinarian asked her what she had done.
Two people reported to me that their dentists, despite prescribing massive doses of antibiotic, had been unable to solve their problems with gum disease, but when they started brushing their teeth and rinsing their mouth with ION their problems cleared up in a matter of days.

One man in my own town was unable to fight-off a bladder infection, even after several rounds of antibiotics.  His problems cleared up after three days of taking ION drops.

Many of our customers take ION twice daily in a little juice to boost their immune systems or to increase their energy.  Many tell us they don't get sick since they have started their daily regimen. 

ION has been found to stop wasp and bee stings within minutes.  It detoxifies mosquito and black widow bites, kills harmful bacteria on open sores, and helps speed up the body's healing process.  If you add it to vegetable or dairy drinks, such as milk, it helps keep it fresh for days or even weeks.  I could go on and on with accounts of how ION helped fight sore throats, strep, spider bites, food poisoning, as well as many other ailments including some very life threatening ones.
A word of caution:  Though ION is completely safe, with no harmful side effects, if you are diabetic or have a lot of toxins in your body you should start out on a very low dose of ION and increase it gradually.

If you take more ION than your body can handle you may get a headache or suffer from diarrhea.  Lemon juice is known to counteract the effects of ION drops, and will often resolve these temporary side effects.

Here is the reason ION works: Oxygen is a natural component in nature that must be present to kill all harmful anaerobic bacteria and viruses.  It must also be present to carry nutrition to the cells, act as a catalyst in metabolism, and detoxify and expel toxins (wastes) from the body.

Over forty years ago several scientists understood that oxygen was the most important factor for good health.  They patented a stabilized oxygen, and over the next few years refined the formula so that it contained more oxygen and no toxicity. 

This formula has been subjected to numerous laboratory and university tests, which show that it is effective, stable, and non-toxic. 

The key factor in using ION is that the level of oxygen be so high that it can have an effect in raising the amount of oxygen in the body- so it can be effective killing anaerobic bacteria, viruses, and in detoxifying the blood.

This improved formula of stabilized oxygen has been marketed for water purification since 1969, and is used by thousands for the additional health benefits we've discussed above.  The ION label has been used since 1995.

ION makes only one claim, that all its benefits are as stated in the laboratory tests of this formula, and there are no other components in this product other than those listed.

For those who have discovered the wonderful benefits of stabilized oxygen, it is truly one of nature's miracles.

- Vicki Tate

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"Safer Water"

Lawrence Muhr on 7/23/2015 9:45:26 PM

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Comments: I have been using ION for about three years. I have never had algae form in the bottles and have enjoyed the same health during this time. I do not have proof but I believe this works as advertised.

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Absolutely!

Location (Ex. CO, or Lancaster County, PA, etc.): Grand Junction, Co

"urban home maker"

Bob Myer on 6/28/2014 3:35:57 PM

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Comments: I am a bee keeper and some times the girls get feisty and I get stung. I have used backing soda for years which works in a couple of hours ,but was researching the IONs that I had for water purifier and decided to use some on be sting I received last nite, To my amazement the pain was gone i 15 min, very little swelling am a believer

Would you recommend this to a friend?: Absolutely!

Location (Ex. CO, or Lancaster County, PA, etc.): Aurora,Mo