Tattler Replacement Wide Mouth Rings ONLY - 12 each

Tattler Replacement Wide Mouth Rings ONLY - 12 each
Tattler Replacement Wide Mouth Rings ONLY - 12 each
SKU: 2430
Tattler Reusable Rubber Rings only, NO LIDS. Fits Wide Mouth jar. 1 dozen per package
Price: $3.99
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Product Details

For Pressure Canning, Water Bath, Vacuum Sealing

TATTLER Canning Lid's proven success, as a reusable product, has earned them the distinction of widespread customer satisfaction and acceptance since their origination in 1976.  The years of development of this product have brought to the home canner a jar lid that is truly reusable.  In fact, the longevity of TATTLER Canning Lids presents the likelihood they will be handed down to the next generation of food preservation enthusiasts!

Properly used, with any standard Mason jar and metal screw band, these reusable lids will last a lifetime. If you ever wear this lid out, Tattler will replace it free! Follow standard directions and procedures, for two piece canning jar lids, with any normal home canning process, and obtain excellent results.


·    BPA FREE!
·    Indefinitely reusable
·    Dishwasher safe
·    Use standard canning processes.
·    No food spoilage due to acid corrosion.
·    F.D.A approved materials.
·    Use with Pressure canner or water bath (boiling water) methods.

For Best Results Follow These Instructions

1.    Inspect top of jar for cracks and nicks.
2.    Wash, rinse and sterilize jars.  Scald lids and rubber rings.  Leave in water until ready to use.
3.    Fill jars as indicated per canning instructions for that food type.
4.    Wipe top of jar after filling.  Place lid and rubber ring combination on jar.
5.    Screw band on jar loosely.  Center lid on jar and hold in place with finger while you finish tightening the metal band, THEN TURN BACK ¼ INCH. Product must be allowed to vent during processing
6.    Process as per instructions for various foods.
8.    When jars have cooled, remove metal band and determine by feel if lids are securely sealed.  Sealed jars may be stored without metal bands if desired.
9.    When removing lid gently insert table knife between rubber and jar to release seal -- DO NOT USE SHARP KNIFE.
10.    Wash plastic lids and rubber rings, rinse, dry and store for future use.  Do not save any rubber ring which is cut or deformed.


Q:  Is there any Bisphenol A (BPA) in Tattler Reusable Canning Lids?
A:  NO!  The material we used is an FDA and USDA food grade plastic approved for direct contact use in food applications.

Q:  Can Tattler lids be used in a pressure canner?
A:  Yes.  Tattler lids will withstand any standard, acceptable, home canning process.

Q:  Is a metal seal ring required?
A:  Yes, a standard metal ring is required, the same as with conventional metal lids.

Q:  Can I use Tattler lids on Ball, Jarden, or Leifheit jars?
A:  Yes.  Tattler Reusable Canning Lids can be used on all mason type canning jars where conventional metal lids are commonly used.

Q:  Are the rubber gaskets reusable, and how long will they last?
A:  Yes, the rubber gaskets are reusable and will seal numerous times when used as directed.  When cared for properly, many years of use may be expected.  Testimonials from our satisfied customers report use of rubber rings for more than 20 years!  The picture below shows a lid/ring combination that we have sealed 10 times.

Helpful tips

·    Jars with nicks or chips in tops will not seal properly.
·    Approx. 1 inch of headspace should be allowed for sufficient vacuum.
·    Using a towel or something similar while tightening metal band, after processing, will help prevent accidental contact with hot contents should something unforeseen happen.
·    Leave metal band on processed goods until contents cool completely.
·    Allow processed goods to cool at room temperature for 12-24 hours.
·    If you leave metal bands on during storage, store in dry area to prevent rust.
·    Tattler rubber rings can be reused if no damage is visible. We suggest they be turned over each use. Previous placement will be evident by seal ring grooves left by lid.
·    Be careful when removing processed goods from cooker, contents are scalding hot---handle with care.
·    Tattler lids are especially suited for use with acid foods (tomatoes, pickles etc.}
·    Tattler lids used and stored properly will offer you many repeated uses.

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