Table Vase Grinder

Table Vase Grinder
Table Vase Grinder
SKU: 5090
One cup design goes from counter-top to table top. Grind salt, pepper, dried herbs, spices and flax seeds in an instant. Top-grinding design keeps counters clean.
Price: $21.99
Product Details
  • To Adjust Grind: Turn bottom knob clockwise for Fine and counter-clockwise for Coarse.

  • High performance ceramic grinding stone delivers a consistent grind.
  • Adjustable for course or fine grinding.
  • Create your own delicious spice mixes or enjoy your favorite store-bought dried-herbs and spices.
  • Easy to fill screw-on cap.
  • BPA free.
  • Avoid dampness, do not grind over boiling pot.
  • Do not use cloves or anise as oils will destroy plastic.
  • Height: 4.75" 
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