Party Snacks to Share

Party Snacks to Share
Party Snacks to Share
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The Hit of Every Party!

Plastic coil

128 pages
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To stand out at your next party, wow your friends with these lip-snacking possibilities:
• Easy-to-pick-up, no-mess Veggie Quesadillas – treats that require absolutely no silverware
• Sweet Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn or Lemonade Party Mix – delightful, easy-to-make munchies 
•Creamy Crabby Bread Bowl Dip, Zesty Buffalo Chicken Dip or Black Pepper-Herb Cheese Ball – wonderful to serve with crunchy chips, veggies or crackers
• Tempting Lasagna Bowls or BLT Bites – enticing mini meal samplers
• Piping-hot Stuffed Mushrooms or Hot Reuben Spread –delicious crockpot fare that will warm you up from the inside
• Retro Creamy Caramel Fondue or Pigs in Blankets – still yummy and just as fun as ever Sharing has never been so scrumptious!
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