Cookware Guards

Cookware Guards
Cookware Guards
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The Envision Home Cookware Guards prevent pots, pans, bakers, and serving bowls from scratching and chipping when stored nested together. The asterisk shape and non-slip backing also help dampen the noise when removing stacked pots and pans from your cabinet, helping to prevent them from clashing together when you reach for only one.These bulk-free protectors easily contour between cookware and bowls, letting the items nest together for convenient storage. Their flexible design allows them to take the shape and protect the sides of any pot, pan, baker or bowl in your kitchen, making them a better protector than paper towels or bubble wrap.

Have smaller kitchen items you'd like to protect? No problem! Simply trim the Cookware Guards with household scissors to fit your unique needs.
Price: $9.99
Product Details
  • Pack of 3
  • Protect your pots and pans from scratching and marring
  • Use between serving bowls to prevent chips and scratches
  • Prevent glass bowls and bakeware from "locking" together
  • Non-slip texture helps keep items from shifting when stored
  • Trim to fit and wipe clean with a damp cloth as needed
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