Mix Stick - L'Equip

Mix Stick - L'Equip
Mix Stick - L'Equip
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The L'Equip Mix Stick is a wonderful lightweight kitchen tool. It is the most convenient tool for several tasks. The Mix Stick can't be beaten as a milk frother. Whisk, moving the blades close to the surface and you can froth milk in less than 10 seconds, even doubling the volume of milk in 20-30 seconds. Specialized bottles are no longer needed to mix a protein drink or other supplement. The Mix Stick will make quick work of any powdered drink.
Price: $18.99
Product Details
  • Froth Milk Quick and Easy - the propeller blades move more liquid and make the L'Equip the best frother
  • Versatile - Use as an egg beater, milk foamer, coffee frother, drink mixer, or all around electric hand whisk
  • Convenient - You can keep the Mix Stick close because it is smaller and easier to store and retrieve than other larger electric egg whisks that require assembly of the beaters.
  • Easy to Clean - The simple design of the Mix Stick means food can't get stuck and it is easy to wipe or rinse off
  • Durable - Without the flimsy wires of other electric hand whisks, the Mix Stick lasts longer
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