L'Equip Vacuum Blender

L'Equip Vacuum Blender
L'Equip Vacuum Blender
SKU: 1082
Brand: L'Equip
This blender is compatible with Bosch Universal Plus, Bosch Universal Classic, and UM-3.
Price: $49.00
Product Details
  • BPA Free
  • 5 Cup Capacity
  • Includes Hand Vacuum Pump for reduced oxidation
  • Removable blades for easy cleaning
  • L'Equip's new Vacuum Blender fits the Bosch Universal Plus, Bosch Classic and UM-3 mixers. Bosch has discontinued their own blender for the older Classic and UM-3 mixers, so we're happy to have this new blender available. The blender includes a unique vacuum pump attachment that can be used, or not, at your option. Without the vacuum pump, the blender works basically the same as the old Bosch unit.

    Oxidation can turn your juices, smoothies, dips and sauces an unappetizing color, and deteriorates the antioxidants in your food including vitamins A, E and C. The 5-cup L'Equip vacuum blender's hand vacuum pump removes air, which greatly reduces the concentration of oxygen in the carafe. L'Equip touts the blender's improvement of the nutrition and color of your blend.

    The blender's lid consists of two parts, an outer ring and an inside cap. The cap includes a suction port for removing oxygen from the carafe.

    To use, place your ingredients in the carafe and attach both components of the lid, by locking each into place. Using the included hand pump, pump oxygen from the carafe until there's strong resistance. Set the pump aside and place the blender on the high speed drive of your Bosch mixer. Blend until desired consistency is reached. Unlock the lid cap to remove it before removing the outer lid ring. If there's too much pressure in the carafe for you to easily remove the blender cap, release the pressure by gently pushing the vacuum valve to the side with your finger.

    The blade assembly can be removed for cleaning. The blender is BPA-free.

    An important tip: The blender's base screws onto the bottom of the carafe counter-clockwise, and when it's used on the Universal Plus mixer model, it locks onto the mixer base by turning the blender clockwise just a little. It's important not to over-do the turn, onto the mixer, because doing so could loosen the carafe/base connection, which would allow liquid to leak out immediately. Attaching to the mixer base really requires almost no force at all, so this doesn't need to be a problem.

    The L'Equip vacuum blender fits the Bosch Universal Plus, Bosch Classic and UM-3 mixers. It locks onto the the base of the Universal Plus. It does not lock onto the base of the Classic or UM-3, just as the original Bosch blenders didn't lock onto those models.

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