How to select a drinking water system

There are four main criteria to consider when evaluating a water filter:

1.  Who is the system certified by and what is the system certified to remove?
Multi-Pure's Aqua Dome is a Consumer's Digest Best Buy and  NSF, Int'l certified.  However, the filter in the Aqua Dome is the same as that in the Stainless Steel models, so any Multi-Pure model is equally effective and a great value.

NSF is a 3rd party private lab using calibrated standards to evaluate water systems and is the most reliable measure of quality and reliability.   A system that says tested to NSF standards means the system was tested and failed the NSF test and is not certified by NSF.

2.What is the initial outlay for the system and what is the annual upkeep?  Multi-Pure's replacement filters are only $59.95 for the most popular units.  Most faucet units and pour-through pitchers cost more on an annual basis if changed out according to manufacturer recommendations.

3. How long has the company been in business?  Frequently companies will change models and you will no longer be able to obtain replacement filters.  Multi-Pure is celebrating their 40th Anniversary.

4. What is the warranty?  Multi-Pure Systems have life time warranty on the housing and a 90-day money back guarantee.