Bosch Universal Plus Meat Grinder

Bosch Universal Plus Meat Grinder
Bosch Universal Plus Meat Grinder
SKU: 1130
Brand: Bosch
Designed to fit the Bosch Universal Plus mixer. (*can be modified to fit older Bosch Mixers.) It easily grinds raw meats into ground hamburger or cooked meats into sandwich spreads. Make sorbets out of frozen fruits. Nut butters out of peanuts, cashews, almonds. Make Pulse out of seeds, dates, prunes and fruits. Made of metal and rugged plastic, the grinder comes with a stainless-steel 4-blade cutter blade and a stainless steel disc with 4.5-mm perforations. The grinder is capable of processing up to 4 pounds (1.9 kilograms) per minute. It disassembles easily for cleaning.
Price: $169.00
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Product Details

The Bosch Food and Meat Grinder attachment for the Bosch mixer grinds and minces meats, vegetables, virtually any food. It comes with a 4.5mm disk for general use and many more sizes are available to achieve any desired consistency. A stomper is included to feed meat or other foods down the chute. The Universal Plus mixer (not included) is turned onto its rear-mounted rubber feet,  to operate the grinder.

For the best ground meat texture and easiest grinding, your meat should be chilled almost to freezing before grinding.

An important tip for first-timers: When you reassemble the grinder after cleaning, be sure to install the blade (aka "knife") so that its sharp edges are against the round cutting disk. This means the sharp edges face away from the approaching meat chunks, which can seem counter-intuitive! Cleanup and reassembly are very easy.

This meat grinder also fits older models of Bosch Universal mixers, but the provided support leg is a little too long for the older mixers. A shorter support leg is available as an accessory for use with Bosch mixers prior to the Universal Plus model.

The Universal Plus meat grinder also is the basic attachment for these accessories: Fruit and Berry Press, Grater for nuts and hard cheeses, Sausage Stuffer, Cookie and Pastry Press, and the Pasta Maker attachment.

Another meat grinder (Item #1141) is now available for the Bosch Universal Plus mixer. Made by L'Chef, it's priced lower than this Bosch-made grinder.

Bosch mixer sold separately.

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