Fruit Leather Sheets

Fruit Leather Sheets
Fruit Leather Sheets
SKU: 1186
Brand: L'Equip
4 Pack of Fruit Leather Sheets for use with the L'Equip FilterPro Dehydrator
Price: $20.00
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The L'Equip fruit leather trays fit the L'Equip Filter Pro Dehydrator. Two sheets fit on one tray, and four sheets come in a pack. Dishwasher safe and indefinitely reusable. Dimensions are 6.1 x 10.7 inches, with a depth of 0.25 inches.

When drying any sweet fruit, either on standard trays or fruit leather trays, release will be improved by drying your food thoroughly, then letting it cool fully to room temperature before removing from the tray or sheet. For particularly sweet fruits such as berries, strawberries or apples (or anything you add sugar to), further cooling in the fridge can also be a big help.


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