Kuhn Rikon Ultimate Garlic Set, Red

Kuhn Rikon Ultimate Garlic Set, Red
Kuhn Rikon Ultimate Garlic Set, Red
SKU: 12803
Garlic is an important-and delicious-ingredient in many of our favorite recipes, but all cooks hate the odor it Leaves on their hands during meal prep. Ideal for gifting or keeping, this kit includes three essential tools for working cleanly with garlic. The silicone peeler makes it possible to quickly peel cloves with a simple rolling motion. The press uses a lever mechanism to extract pulp and juice from garlic cloves, minimizing contact with your hands. Finally, the stainless steel "soap bar" naturally removes unpleasant odors from skin and nails.
Price: $32.99
Product Details
  • Garlic roller allows you to quickly peel cloves without getting the smell of garlic on your Hands
  • Garlic press boasts comfortable handles and a stainless-steel mechanism that extracts pulp while protecting Hands from pungent juices
  • Stainless steel bar naturally removes odor-causing compounds from skin and beneath fingernails
  • Garlic prep at its best! our set includes everything you will need to prepare garlic for your recipes. This set includes easy-clean garlic press, garlic peeler and stainless steel soap.
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