Urban Homemaker ~ How are you Managing?

I will be the first to admit that I am over stretched in what I do and accomplish in a day. Yes, I do plenty that is good and right, but what I want is where my Lord wants me to be.  Over the last several weeks I have heard the same things that are from the mouths of my peers, other Urban Homemakers,  just like me- probably just like you too?

We have “10 things”<please insert your own list, but it may look like this: work, feed, clean, canning!, garden work, bill paying, dog washing, piano lessons, meeting off-site, laundry, dishwasher, etc> that we think need to be done in the course of 10 minutes. Seriously, that sounds fabricated and not rational. Thats the point.. My driving-ness (if that is a word, but you get me?) fabricated the need for those 10 things to be done in the next 10 min. and it isn’t rational! Heavens! I am my own worst enemy and this is the well worn path to tearing me apart.  Let me interject that there are a ton of fun and wonderful things happening, yet He has my attention in the area of “needing improvement” and I am persevering to get this right.  All those things that seem so important can just stay where they are! I mean they are there even when I forget about them! Heck, they might even be there to mold and shape me into the woman I am meant to be.  Hope so! Such the process isn’t it?

Here are 2 quotes that I have heard in the last few weeks that have STUCK! and they keep STICKING..

1. The Volunteer Lady who met us at the JEFFCO Action Center in Lakewood, CO. said “Never come here thinking you will accomplish all that needs accomplishing. The work never ends. There is always more to be done.”

2. From a dear, sweet friend of mine: paraphrased somehwat: “I want to “mother” instead of “manage” – and I’ve been managing instead of mothering.”

Quote 1 & 2 both have changed my thinking. It is a mindset challenge for me. I can do all the tending I physically do, but the mindset behind that seems like it has to be done NOW rather than seeing it for what it is- it is an endurance walk in life. The “work” will always present themselves, and tasks will continue.. If I “attempt” to finish all those things with the mindset of finishing and nothing else, I find myself MANAGING. When I manage I get crabby, tired, fried.. or please insert your own yuck feeling/action of choice here. Of course, if I am in that mode of managing how can I possibly “mother” in the way I should?


Don't look too far off from today- that other grass to be cut is for another day!

This morning Hubby and I set out to take an hour or so off and be together. Instead of managing another (HA!) task we did an 11 mile bike ride and breakfast in town. It was glorious! As we came down the hill towards home I saw the photo illustration of my whole theme here.. So have a gander at the pretty cut grass and lines. Think of yourself as the tractor and everything that needs to be done (the grass) and just do the few lines you set out to do. Know that you may not accomplish everything in 1 day, but it may be ongoing(see grass surrounding cut grass). Also notice the tractor is turned off and not moving. Yes- there is a purpose in that too! Other things besides the grass need to be done instead of cutting, i.e. bike riding with Hubby. The grass will grow and it will be cut. I am thankful for the neat rows that I can see, but be careful not to look beyond too far as the field goes on and on and that is for another day!

May you be encouraged to have a different mindset and may you whole heartedly Mother rather than Manage!





  1. Mother instead of manage, I like that.

  2. I like this post very much. Mother instead of manage. Yes, your analogy was very good.

  3. I LOVE this concept and wish I had seen it many years ago as my four children are all grown, but it is not too late to use it on my eight and 3/4(he is due in the next 10 days or so :o) grandchildren. I have tried to teach my children some of these things but they just don’t seem to listen. That’s alright, Nene did listen and will be following your advice! :o) Thank you again!
    Hugs, Paula

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